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The Latest Adventures

At Great Beyond Adventures, we constantly challenge ourselves to discover the next great adventure, the next unexplored destination, or the next new activity. Then we use our new discoveries to create an expedition just for you. We started Great Beyond Adventures because we love new sights, new places, and new experiences. We strive to constantly learn – from you, from each other, from friends and acquaintances, and from unexpected sources – so that we can craft uncommon journeys just for you.

The absolute latest Great Beyond Adventures:

Eight Days Under The Midnight Sun
8 days / June - July
Pricing is based on group size and seasonality

• Witness the beauty of life at the ice floe edge and beyond it, where frozen ice meets open water – crystalline icebergs calved from glaciers, electric-blue pack ice formations, hundreds of birds diving and weaving, and of course, the migrating pods of whales.

• See the northward migrating bowhead whales breach playfully, fin sideways, and slap their immense fluke on the mirror-smooth water amongst the floating ice pancakes.

• Wonder at the actual immense size of walruses – bigger than a car – as you see large herds sunning themselves on floating ice islands.

• Capture stunning photographs of pods of whales or a mother walrus and baby in the soft glow of the midnight sun.

• Try local Inuit delicacies of seal, caribou or walrus. (your choice of course!)

Narwhal and Polar Bear Arctic Safari
8 days / June -July
Pricing is based on group size and seasonality
• Camp in high-end luxury on ice at our Arctic Safari-style base camp. 

• Enjoy tea made of melt-water from ancient icebergs along the route. 

• Hike on Bylot Island and see an old whaling station, the remains of a shipwreck, Inuit tent rings, and flowering spring fauna. 

• View a vast array of wildlife at the floe edge from on their annual migration such as pods of the mystical narwhal feed along the floe edge, bowhead whales, walruses, and polar bears.

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