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Wandrian Adventures Questions(WAQ’s)

You probably have questions about your adventure with Wandrian – things like "Where will we sleep?" and "What will the meals taste like?" Below, we've compiled a list of answers to the most common questions that we've gotten over the years. But we know you can't get all your answers from a computer screen. We want you to call us. Talk directly to an Adventure Consultant who can make sure that you understand the answers thoroughly.

How many years have you been arranging small-group adventures?

As a team we have been planning, scheduling and guiding adventures for almost 20 years. In addition, we are careful how we choose the in-country operators that provide such an authentic experience for our clients. Our strict criteria include:
  • A completely safe and accident-free record for at least two years.
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in their chosen region/activity. In fact, many of our guides are the 2nd or 3rd generation in their family providing these services.
  • High environmental and sustainable-tourism standards
  • Certified medical personnel, either on staff or close by. That way you can take off, certain in the knowledge that any foreseen accidents can be addressed promptly.
Your safety and enjoyment are our main concern – in that order.

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Where do you go and what do you do?

We provide any sort of adventure you want! We’ve done everything from trekking, rafting, diving, and horseback riding, to wildlife sightings, zip lines, and ascents up The Seven Summits. We’ll be happy to take you across the country or around the world – to any place you can imagine and even a few places beyond your wildest dreams.

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How challenging are your adventures?

The short answer is: As challenging as you’d like. We’ll build an adventure around what you want, so it will be rewarding for you. We do have a general rating system.

We’ve designed our Trips around the needs of first-time adventure travelers. They include little to no risk and you can feel completely comfortable bringing young children or less active adults along for the ride. Trips are always fully supported, with an experienced and professional staff. Examples include: short (less than three-hour) day hikes, camel-back treks, wildlife safaris, rafting on rivers that rank as Class III [pop-up definition] (or even easier), as well as snorkeling (as opposed to diving).

Wandrian Tours allow seasoned travelers to get off the beaten path and beyond the standard tourist destinations. Active people will enjoy these Tours as a way to get a glimpse into our more challenging Adventures and Expeditions. Examples include: hikes lasting several hours, sea kayaking, rafting Class III/IV [pop-up definition] rapids, horseback riding, and recreational diving. Our tours have consecutive days of activity and less rest during the day than our Trips.

If you want to live the adventure lifestyle but can’t get away for three months, then our Adventures are for you. Our Adventures are somewhat supported, but you will probably be required to carry your own equipment, things like water, jacket, snacks, and sunscreen. We take you on strenuous trips to remote places and we’re sure that you’ll have a great time if you have a great outlook. You’ll be on the move from morning until night, for several days on end. Examples include: a 20K hike over vast array of terrain, altitudes, and conditions; shooting some Class IV/V [pop-up definition] rapids; taking a deep-water dive down past the usual recreational limits; or even climbing to Mt. Everest’s Base Camp.

A Wandrian Expedition is an experience of a lifetime! That means that you need prior adventure experience. On Expeditions, you become part of a team that shares a single but remarkable goal. You all might be trying to get to a particular dot on a map, the bottom of the river, or the top of mountain. And, of course, get back safely.

An Expedition, you need to be physically and mentally fit and you need to dedicate yourself to your team’s success. Our Expeditions usually take at least three weeks and require a medical waiver from your personal physician. Expeditions are always remote and you should assume there will be inherent risks associated with your Expedition. As such, you can be sure that every Expedition is medically staffed. In addition, you will fully participate in every aspect of the journey as a true member of the Expedition Team. That means that you will carry your own gear, forgo comfort for extended periods of time, and help with setup or breakdown of your site.

Please note that some of our Expeditions will be by strict invitation-only and not open to the public.

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What types of people are along on my adventure?

Your trip will include like-minded men, women, and children who share your spirit for adventure. The average age depends on the trip you chose. Feel free to give us a call so we can discuss individual specifics with you.

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What's included?

These things are usually included. Of course, some exceptions may apply. Talk to your Adventure Consultant for if you have specific questions.

  • Accommodations.
  • All meals, except where noted on your itinerary.
  • Sightseeing.
  • Airport transfers
  • Your guides
  • Your group equipment. When individual equipment is needed or suggested, it will be covered in your itinerary.
  • Wandrian Adventure’s basic medical and evacuation insurance. (However we recommend purchasing additional coverage for peace of mind)
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What’s not included?

These are the things you usually have to pay for yourself. If the trip price does include them, we promise to let you know.

  • International airfare (unless you join us for our pre-departure rendezvous).
  • Additional insurance.
  • Personal gear.
  • Tips of any kind.
  • Airline or airport fees. For example: excess or heavy baggage, security fees, or departure fees.
  • Visa fees.
  • Any meals or beverages not specifically noted in your itinerary.
Naturally, we do our best to keep our website and brochures up-to-date and accurate. However, we encourage you to call your Adventure Consultant to go over your specific itinerary. That way we can make sure you have all the answers you need and that all your information is as up-to-date as possible.

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Where will we be staying?

That depends entirely on where you’re going. We know that it’s important that you stay well rested on your adventure so we’re picky about our accommodations. We believe in comfort, but not necessarily luxury. That means that we choose three- and four and in many cases five star hotels, inns, and eco lodges that meet our exacting standards and have been thoroughly checked out by our staff.

Here are some examples of accommodations. Call an Adventure Consultant to find out exactly where you’ll be staying.

Include pics with small description

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What will we be eating?

You will be eating gourmet meals on every step of the way. We think food is a vital part of any trip and we make sure that you get proper nourishment, a well-balanced diet, and authentic cuisine, no matter where you go. When possible, we make certain that the food is both local and organic – just a small part of our efforts to reduce our impact on the Earth and the cultures that we visit.

We’ll all be eating our meals together – it’s vital that we keep our energy up to make sure that you have a great time.

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Who are the guides on these adventures?

We know that a guide is the most important part of your adventure. Guides should be part teacher, part friend, part mentor, and part storyteller. And, above all, they should keep you safe.

Our guides are experts in their field and they all have years of experience operating in their chosen terrain, whether that’s the forest, the ground, in the water, or at the top of the mountain. In most cases, they are the second or third generation in their family to lead tourists on these trips. We work hard to make sure that you have the best possible guide so that you have the best possible adventure.

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Do I have to bring anything?

The most important things to bring are a good attitude and a sense of adventure. We will provide all the necessary equipment for the group, things like rafts, paddles, kayaks, horses, tents, food, eating utensils, ropes, bikes, etc. Your personal equipment will probably include the same sorts of things you would pack for a weekend away. If you do need to bring anything special for your specific adventure, your pre-departure packet will let you know.

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Do you do private adventures?

Of course! We’re here to make sure that you have the adventure that you want. We can handle one person or twenty and we love it when families are able to go on an adventure together.

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Can I come alone?

Of course! Some people, like our founder, actually prefer to do that at least once a year in order to clear their minds. However, for certain trips we will need to increase the price for a single traveler. Please contact your Adventure Consultant in order to find out if a single traveler incurs any additional costs for your itinerary.

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You include basic medical insurance, but is that enough?

A friend of ours once said, “You can never have enough insurance.” Of course, he sells insurance. We provide the minimum amount of insurance that we feel comfortable with for overseas travel. You can decide if you need to purchase additional insurance, but we strongly suggest that you do. The minor cost of the policy is well worth the peace of mind it comes with and the last thing you want to do is worry about insurance on your adventure.

Please take a moment to look over the basic insurance we have provided [link]. You can follow up with your own insurance carrier or we can recommend World Nomads specializes in adventure travel and provides some great travel widgets.

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Do we get anything before we go?

Absolutely. Depending on your departure date and itinerary you will receive some or all of the following:

  • Absolute perfect customer service from Wandrian Advenures.
  • A detailed itinerary with times, dates, transportation options, contacts in and out of country, your guide’s name, and any special instructions.
  • A suggested packing list.
  • A list of vaccinations recommended by the Center For Disease Control.
  • A country overview with a preliminary language guide.
  • Visa information.
  • Current exchange rate.
  • Expected weather conditions. (Naturally, we can’t guarantee them.)
  • Sample menus.
  • Probable lodging assignments, if shared.
The success of your adventure starts with proper preparation and we’ll work hard to make sure you have everything you need. Our Adventure Consultants will be happy to answer any last-minute questions and to share little tips and tricks that they’ve learned over the years. That way we can make sure you’re ready for whatever your adventure may throw at you.

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Can you provide me with more information on my destination?

Wandrian’s Adventure Consultants will be happy to answer any questions to have about your destination. But if you want to do some more research or you have questions after business hours, please check out these websites:

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How do I get or renew my passport or visa?

Some questions are best left to the experts. So we direct your attention to the following links:

Passports: The US State Department (Passports)

Visas: [back to top]